Climb That Mountain! Charity fundraiser coaching promo

August 24, 2013
Image of a mountain range with inscription Climb that Mountain by Conor Scullion - All proceeds go to Marie Curie Cancer Care

*UPDATE: All of the slots have now been booked; thanks to everyone who supported the promotion/Conor’s climb! You can still donate to his fund here and/or buy the charity single here.* It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post on here – life […]

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Guest Post: Practical SEO Tips for Small Businesses

January 24, 2013
Louise McCartan, MD of Search Scientist

Are you baffled by SEO? The following guest post by Louise McCartan of Search Scientist should get you on the right track with some easy-to-implement, practical steps you can start using immediately. Practical SEO Tips for Small Businesses For many, SEO seems like a dark art. When […]

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Legal & Ethical Issues in Social Media

October 1, 2012
Front cover of "Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Media (3rd Sector)" PDF file - text and somewhat-worried-looking Twitter bird

[First published April 2012, last updated October 2012] Do you know your legal obligations where social media is concerned? Are you up-to-speed with the terms of service of the platforms you’re using? Have your organisation’s communications policy and other policies been updated to encompass social […]

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Facebook for Business: The Basics

October 1, 2012
Facebook pages graphic

[Last updated: Oct 1st 2012] Get It Right from the Start – Save your Time, Money and Reputation Social media for business is still a relatively new field, and many business owners find it something of a minefield. Some of them are setting up profiles […]

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Tom McShane’s “The Ural Winter”: A Story of Creative Risk, Collaboration and Mojo Recovered

August 11, 2012
Photo of Tom in the Oh Yeah Centre, laughing

On January 16th, 2010, I held the first ever Soul Ambition Sofa Sessions in my home in south Belfast. With a backdrop of art by local artist Tommy Ball, I had paired visiting musician Chris Farmer, who was then playing mostly in Nice-based post-punk noise […]

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How to Convert More Website Visitors into Buyers

May 3, 2012
Photo of Kevin McCaffrey

The following is a guest post by Kevin McCaffrey of Conversion Rate Services – download a free white Paper on conversion optimisation at The best way to convert more customers into buyers is by using a conversion optimisation process. Conversion optimisation has been around […]

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PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTER: Learn to touch type (for free)

April 26, 2012
Old photo of Galli Curci (opera singer) at the typewriter

Want an easy productivity boost, to free up hours of your time? Up your typing skills! People often ask me how I have time to update so many social media pages, and assume it’s taken me hours, but in fact they’re usually just tiny, quick […]

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[Updated!] Stress Management, Motivation & Resilience: Free workbook! (HTML version)

April 24, 2012
Front Cover of Feel Better and Keep Moving Forward! Workbook

[Updated 11th September 2012] This post is a HTML version of this original, downloadable workbook (PDF file), which I created for a series of free, public workshops for Health In Mind. Please share this link with anyone you think could do with a bit of help […]

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[Updated!] Stress Management, Motivation & Resilience: Free workbook!

April 24, 2012
Front Cover: Feel Better & Keep Moving Forward! (Workbook) - Strategies and ideas on stress management, motivation and resilience by Tracy Dempsey

[Updated 11th September 2012] You may have seen over on the Soul Ambition events page that I’ve been doing some free public workshops via Health in Mind over the last while, on stress management, motivation and resilience. I’ve also done free webinars for on the […]

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Five on Friday (#5onFri) – April 20th 2012

April 20, 2012
Post-it showing heart around '5 on Fri'

Happy Friday, people! You may know from my blog post on using Twitter effectively that I don’t really do #FollowFriday, though I appreciate the thought when people take the time to do so! There are so many people I could mention in an #FF tweet, […]

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Before I die…

March 23, 2012
Photo of man dressed as pirate writing on a public wall that invites people to finish the sentence "Before I die..."

Today I stumbled upon a marvellous thing on one of my favourite websites, – a public wall where people could share their “bucket list“; the things they want to do before they die. Last year, I came across and shared this blog post by […]

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Shorter snippets: Soul Ambition elsewhere on the web

March 10, 2012
YouTube logo

Most of my posts on here are pretty lengthy – detailed ‘how-to’ posts, descriptive travel stories and so on. But since you don’t always have time to read long posts, and I don’t have loads of time between clients and workshops to write lots of […]

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10 Reasons You Should Switch Your Facebook Business Profile to a Page

March 7, 2012
Wrong Way sign (white on red)

I know from my workshops and coaching that many of you are still quite innocently getting this profile/page thing wrong. Hard-working, time-strapped, resource-poor business owners with great products and services; charities and social enterprises who do fantastic work; talented artists and musicians and promoters who […]

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How to be happier in the job you have while you plan for the job you want

March 5, 2012

If you want to improve your situation, the first step is to accept the situation you’re in at this very moment. This does not mean ‘settling’ or resigning yourself to it – it’s about not creating more stress by trying to resist where you actually […]

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